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Internet Explorer finally on its way out

The latest browser market-share statistics show that Internet Explorer use (all versions) has fallen to just over 10% as of January 2014. This is down from nearly 45% just five years earlier. In the lead by a strong margin is Google's Chrome, followed by Mozilla's Firefox.

While the other browsers have all given up ground to Chrome, Internet Explorer has given up the most market share by far falling nearly 78% in 5 years. This is probably because Microsoft has been so slow to adopt industry standard functionality that most of the other browsers adopted rather early. This is even true today with Microsoft's latest versions of Internet Explorer 10 and 11, as they too still do not support important animation features that add a lot to a website's experience and enjoyment.

There is a prevalent stream of thought that web developers should continue to bend over backwards to accommodate IE's many short-comings. But that couldn't be any worse advice. Now that IE is finally on its way out, it should be allowed to fade quietly into oblivion for not keeping pace with the rest of the industry.